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Ear Candling

Ear candling is increasing in popularity but can be dangerous.

Ear candling is a process that claims to cleanse the ear canal, soothe the mind, relieve sinus pressure, cure swimmers ear, ease the pain of ear infections, relieve vertigo aid sinusitis, cleanse the spirit, ease headaches and relieve congestion. This increasingly popular procedure has however been proved to be quite dangerous and rarely effective.

The process is relatively simple. The patient lies on their side while a practitioner puts a hallow candle into their ear canal. A paper plate is often put around the candle to collect any hot wax that may drip. The candle is then lit and allowed to burn down. The process take anywhere from 15-45 minutes. The inner tube of the candle is said to collect ear wax and toxins that have built up in the body. There is residue that is found on the inner candle but several studies have shown this is simply a byproduct of the candle itself.

Ear candling has also been said to have originated in ancient eastern practices. This has not been proven. Some cultures said to have practiced ear candling have actually been proven to NOT have practiced ear candling.

Skeptics say ear candling cannot work. The candle does not create a vacuum necessary to draw out ear wax. If it did create a vacuum strong enough to draw out ear was the ear drum would be ruptured. Candling can also be dangerous. Physicians have reported internal and external burns, perforated eardrums and candle wax buildup in the ear canal. These risks can all be extremely harmful. Ear candling can also be expensive. Rates range from $20-$80 for a 45 minute session. This is a big price to pay with the risk involved.

There are manufactures who continue to sell ear candling products, along with fire repellant clothing. Many distributors are stating this is for entertainment only. There continues to be however several injuries occurring with ear candling. There is a huge liability for companies marketing and selling ear candling equipment. Legislation is currently underway to help regulate this dangerous practice. Earwax can be removed safely by a physician if it has become compacted in the ear canal. The normal route for ear wax is to naturally push its self out of the ear. Removal of earwax from the outer edges of the ear is safe but inserting objects into the ear canal can be harmful, especially if you are inserting a flaming candle.

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