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Healing Through Sounds

Many esoteric sciences say we are covered with different light energies. These are seen through Kirlian photography, which reveals the colorÂ’s of oneÂ’s aura and gives glimpse of he present influences in oneÂ’s personality.


Biology has made us aware of the body’s composition.

Acupuncture goes further to describe that subtle meridians and complex energy, flow in the body.

Many esoteric sciences say we are covered with different light energies. These are seen through Kirlian photography, which reveals the color’s of one’s aura and gives glimpse of he present influences in one’s personality.

The effect od sound waves in cornstarch.

The science of Cymatics, on the other hand, says that our body is composed of sound. While you may wonder which is telling us the truth, it is really very simple: all of them reveal aspects of our body and each has proven its theories with scientific studies to back them up.

Frequencies and rhythms of various densities and rates, pulsating vibration energies, give shape and energy to your physical body, thoughts, and motions. The human body seems to be stable, solid mass, but when you consider the science of Cymatics, it is just an intricate web of a resonating system in progress.

There is nothing new in Cymantics for it was well practiced in the ancient healing centers of Egypt and Greece, as well as in India and China. With the advent of Christianity, its practice in Egypt and Greece vanished into oblivion, when it became known to be mere superstition, folklore, or pseudo-alchemy. But India and China has, to the present day, practiced day, practiced healing through sound and the principles of what is today known as Cymatics.

Twentieth century scientists have studied this ancient knowledge in their laboratories. One such person is Dr. Harold Saxon Burr, a neurologist who dedicated 43 years as a faculty member of the Yale University School of Medicine. His investigations yielded the proof of the existence of the ether field in the wide variety of life forms. Burr concluded that “the body’s ether field serves as a matrix or mold which preserves the shape and arrangement of any material poured into it, however often the material may be changed. When abnormal fluctuations in the voltages of the field exist, a person can receive an early warning sign of disease attacking the body. Tapping the natural frequency of the body will restore it to better health and harmony.

The principles of resonance say that we enter into this body resonating at a particular frequency which decreases when we leave the body. Each resonance differently; thus we have personalities. Sound can therefore be effective used to heat the body since it acts directly on it. Treatment administered under laboratory conditions can be easily monitored with data accurately gathered and evaluated. The use of sound treatment is painless and harmless, leaving no adverse side effects.


Radionics is one such therapeutic application using the principles of oscillatory frequencies of sound. A famous exponent of radionics in the 20th century is Dr. Albert Abrams whose work was later refined by Dr. Wallace MacNaughton of Schenectady, New York.

FDA and the American medical profession opposed the practice of Radionics. It was in England that it gained a firmer and more fertile ground to survive. The Radionics Association of England was founded in 1960.

Radionics uses a simple machine called a Pathoclost or radionic machine to detect, diagnose, and modulate the fundamental energy pattern of the human body. Radionics specialists claim that they are able to determine the origin of the change in the electromagnetic force field by diagnostic methods. Once the ailing body part is detected, the frequency rate it emits is determined. Then the Pathoclost duplicates the sound frequency and beams this to the body part. Such vibration neutralizes the diseased tissue, dissipates the vibration of the disorder, and weakens the molecular bonds of the diseased cells. The Pathoclost beams sound frequency above the level of human audible range so no sound is heard.

Ultrasonic and Other Trends

If Radionics and Cymatics don’t ring a bell, ultrasonic field would. This application is warmly embraced by the medical profession. Ultrasonic finds an avenue for expression in the physical therapy, diagnosis, energy, dentistry, and even birth control. We are familiar with the ultrasound test to detect the stages of pregnancy, as well as check the condition of the bladder, kidneys, ovaries, pancreas, and brain tumors. Ultra-stenography allows us to scan the internal organs of the body. In the US, England, Australia, and Italy, the use of ultrasonic in surgery was successful in treating Menicare’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Hypodernutis Scherodecniformis, and Herpes Zoster pains as well as bruises, strains, simple low back pains, and slipped disc conditions.

Recent developments in ultra-sonography include echocardiography, where ultrasound frequencies echo and pass through the heart tissues to detect atria tumors and pericardial effusion, measures the ventricular septa and ventricular chamber, and determine abnormalities and congenital lesions. Echoencephalography studies the intra-cranial structure of the brain. Echoencephalography replaces harmful X-rays in visualizing the internal structure of the body. Did you know that if a person subjects himself to nine X-rays, including dental X-rays, his chances of having cancer is increased by 75%? These are the latest trends in the use of sound frequency to heal or detect diseases in the body. But like all technologies and other phenomena, we must be cautious and not just blindly accept it. Such technology must be administered under very strict supervision.

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Comments (2)

A very interesting read, Ron. Life has its many viewpoints how we approach truth but it's one and the same. Only by transcending to it we become one and disregard the complications.

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