10 Alternative Treatment Options to Overcome Your Sickness
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10 Alternative Treatment Options to Overcome Your Sickness

Do you know that illness experienced by many people are mainly psychosomatic? Doctors estimate psychosomatic illness at 50% to 80% of the medical cases. Psychosomatic means that illness is brought about by what's going on in the mind. For this reason, many of these illnesses can be treated using alternative treatment approaches. This article enumerates 10 of them.

There are many ways by which people with health problems seek cure to their sickness or ailments. Those living in the urbanized areas instinctively consult medical doctors who society recognize as those endowed with authority to provide the appropriate medical care.

Recently however, there is a general inclination to resort to alternative treatment approaches. And this is partly precipitated by the preponderance of medical information that are easily accessed via the internet. Many people gain control of their lives, and their pockets, as they become more knowledgeable of their health condition.

According to Curt Blattman [1], about 50% to 80% of sickness and illness experienced by those subjected to the stresses of modern living are psychosomatic. This means that sickness or illness arose mainly from the mind and not due to biological or physical factors alone. Stress due to modern living as well as emotional pressures can wear down one's immune system.

For this reason, those who have succumbed to these stresses and exhibited symptoms of disease have to examine their lifestyle carefully before jumping into symptom-directed prescriptions of medical doctors. Getting into the roots of the sickness or illness can provide long-term cure and not just the palliative cure of what you pop in your mouth.

The following are alternative treatment options for those who may be afflicted with psychosomatic illness. 

Alternative Treatment #1. Reduce body acidity.

Many illlnesses are due to high body acidity. The optimal body pH is 7.35 [2], a little alkaline. To keep your body pH within the vicinity of the optimal value, you will need to take foods that are alkaline forming. Examples of these alkaline forming foods are raw fruits, vegetables and rootcrops such as onions, carrots, lettuce, mangoes, papayas, and potatoes.

Alternative Treatment #2. Reduce intake of preserved food.

Preserved food you usually find in supermarkets are acid-forming foods. Especially avoid those with nitrites. Preservatives keep food from decaying but these are harmful to your body. They can cause genetic defects in the long run and these accummulate over time [3].

Alternative Treatment #3. Provide more oxygen to the tissues and cells.

Oxygenation facilitates conversion of ingested food to energy needed by the body. Aerobic exercise can prevent many diseases associated with the inability of the body to metabolize properly.

Alternative Treatment #4. Reduce or eliminate stress.

Stress has something to do with an overwhelming reaction to pressures encountered by an individual. Manageable stress is alright as this gets things done. But long term stress can impact one's health. One best stress-busting approach is laughter.


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Alternative Treatment #5. Change environment.

Changing your work environment once in a while can help you get different perspectives and dissociation from familiar things or persons that cause you stress. A long respite from a dreary job can work wonders.

Alternative Treatment #6. Focus on what's important.

You cannot expect to do everything. Do things one at a time and focus on what really matters to your life.

Alternative Treatment #7. Take a break and relax.

Monotony is the mother of gluttony. Many people resort to much eating just to get rid of their dull existence at work. Find time to take a break somewhere and relax as if you're the owner of the resort.

Alternative Treatment #8. Be content.

Aiming too high and not being able to reach it can be so frustrating. Be content with whatever you have. Count your blessings, not what you don't have where you compare and feel bad.

Alternative Treatment #9. Do the things you love to do.

Do things with passion to avoid feelings of dissatisfaction. Of course, this means that you love what you do. If you don't love what you do, then you have no business staying it. Leave it and find something that really motivates you. 

Alternative Treatment #10. Cultivate your spiritual life.

Last but most important, believing in a God who loves you and cares for you takes your cares away. You can never expect humans to fulfill your needs as they themselves have trouble filling what's lacking in their lives. Study His Words and yours will be eternal happiness.


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