4 Effective Anti Aging Herbs for Health and Beauty
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4 Effective Anti Aging Herbs for Health and Beauty

Learn the 4 Effective Anti Aging Herbs for Health and Beauty. Many diseases are now affective millions of people around the world this is the main reason why many people are considering alternative medicines or preventive medicines for their health. It is also important to maintain our beauty while maintaining our good health. This article provides information about the best herbs and spices for health and beauty.

Many people are so much conscious with their health and beauty. This is the primary reason why there are many over the counter health and cosmetic products which promise to provide the body with healthy body and smooth skin. Although most of these products are specifically made to maintain the health and beauty of an individual, it doesn't mean that they are all effective. There are having been reports about the side effects of chemically made products for controlling the person's fast aging process. That is why many of them are searching for the effective anti aging herbs to avoid from these unwanted side effects.

Health and beauty conscious individuals are searching outside for the effective products to slow the fast aging process of their body not knowing the effective anti aging herbs are just located in their kitchen area. In fact, these herbs are even used in our everyday dishes and they don't just slow the body's fast aging but also maintain the body's health. Most of these herbs have anti bacterial properties which prevent our body from being infected with disease causing bacteria.


Garlic has been used as an effective alternative medicine in treating and preventing many diseases since the early civilization of human. Although this herb has really a strong flavor and pungent taste, it has properties which prevent the body's risks of hypertension, heart problems, as well as digestive related problems. Garlic is also known for maintaining the overall health of the body. It also belongs to the effective anti aging herbs and spices known today.


Basil is also one of the most effective anti aging herbs because of its many natural components. This essential herb has antioxidant, anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties which are all vital in maintaining the overall health of the body. The high amount of antioxidants present in this herb protects the skin from possible damages due to free radicals. In addition, it has also rich in vitamins and minerals essential for the overall health of the body.


The benefits of ginger are almost similar with the benefits of garlic and onion herbs. The extracts of ginger have been known to have natural properties which effectively prevent and relieve common diseases such as colds, sore throat and fever. Aside from these, ginger is also known for its anti aging properties and it belongs to the effective anti aging herbs that people are using today. The high anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties of this essential herb help relieve joint pains and heart problems. Although then extracts of this herb can be purchased over the counter stores, it is still better to consume this in its raw and natural form.


Oregano is a very popular and effective anti aging herb which is mostly popular in the Philippines. This herb can serve as an effective alternative medicine for yeast infection. The leaves are utilized and considered as the most effective parts of this herbal plant. The decoction of the oregano leaves is effective in treating common diseases such as colds, cough and fever. In addition, it is also effective in maintaining the body's beauty by preventing free radicals from damaging the skin.

Those above mentioned effective anti aging herbs are effective when consumed naturally. Always keep in mind that it is always necessary to include regular exercise together with these alternative medicines to make it more effective. Today, it is really better to embrace natural medicines for treating and preventing common diseases. However, when a condition is recurring and prolonged, the patient should seek for a doctor's advice immediately.

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Comments (9)

Pencil me in – one against aging.

Excellent tips on Effective Anti Aging Herbs for Health and Beauty! Retweeted, Google Buzzed!

These herbs and spices are easily available so that everyone can use them.

Informative and well-written post! I happen to like each of the herbs named here. Thanks for the information...voted

Voted. And also vote for Ginger - it makes an excellent, simple tea w lemon, honey and natural ginger. TY, Mark

Thanks for this health tips for the aged. Voted. I appreciate your health articles. They are quite interesting. Wishing to be in your support.

I have nothing against aging as long as I remain healthy as I age. So far I have an excellent track record in that department, at 68 my doctors tell me that I have the body of someone half my age. Maybe that's because I have always used these herbs in all my cooking ever since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.

Getting older gracefully and in good health, is what it is all about.

nice writen thanks