A Healthy Drink for a Healthy Life
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A Healthy Drink for a Healthy Life

Medicinal plants are very popular now even int he olden days when the over the counter medicine is not a trend for curing illnesses. The modern technology has made a boom in the herbal medicine world. Many people are opting for the medicinal herbs craze since it is more economical and it is safer.

The world of plants has dominated the health world in this modern world.  Because of the high prices of medicine and the fear of many people on the side effects of taking too much medicine, many people have shifted their interest to medicinal plant curing.  Instead of the over the counter prescription medicines, many people are opting to use medicinal herbs to cure some illnesses and boost their health. Medicinal plants are good for a healthy life.

Medicinal herbs have been used for curing certain types of medicine since the birth of man but technology has evolved and there are more uses of medicinal herbs that are being discovered.  There are countless medicinal herbs that you can plant in your backyard and there are also countless cures for these medicinal plants.

The concoction of different medicinal leaves has become a part of the modern world since many people are becoming health conscious.  Different kinds of leaves are combined to make for a healthy herbal tea.

There are many types of herbal teas being sold in the market today.  You just have to look around and pick your choice. 

This is one of the herbal teas that I have heard and used for some time which is very good.  With my daily intake since I learned about the tea there are some remarkable changes that happened to me which include regular bowel movement, light feeling after drinking the tea, improved sleep hours at night and less pain and sometimes no pain in the joints early in the morning.

Someone has advised me to drink this leaves combination daily which is very helpful.

Here’s your tea drink to your healthy life:

  1. Malunggay leaves – this is known as Moringa Oleifera but locally called malunggay in the Philippines
  2. Lemon grass leaves that includes the stalk
  3. Pandan leaves

Combine the leaves together and boil them in a deep pot for at least ten minutes or until the color of the water is light green. 

You can drink it hot or cold.  I drink the tea three times a day.  One glass in the morning, one glass at noon and another glass at night is the best way to drink this tea.  You can observe a lot of changes if you drink this tea regularly. 

My job as a writer keeps me busy for several hours a day in front of the computer which makes my fingers numb and painful when I wake up in the morning.  When I started drinking this tea I can no longer feel pain on my fingers in the morning.  It is a guaranteed healthy drink for everybody especially those with arthritis.

My experience and the experience of my friends and sister have proven that the drink is effective.  I cannot guarantee the good effect for everybody but it is not bad to try; after all these leaves are herbal leaves.

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Comments (8)

This is awesome! I don't know where to get some of these things. It sounds great for health.

Very informative.... But the ingredients are difficult to find.... voted up

I have similar issues with my hands and I will give this a try..voted

Thanks for sharing information about a healthy drink.

I never tried malunggay tea, but I like pandan and lemon grass including its scent.

I drink different teas all day. Will look for these at Natural Grocers.

I didn't have an idea about Malunggay leaves, but I found that they're nothing but Moringa oleifera. We use them in our regular diet. They're called Murungai(????????) in Tamil and Munaga (????) in Telugu.

Thank you Pinkay for the healing herb information. You write so much about alternative medicines. I follow you. Hope we can promote each other. Thank you.