Facts About Drinking Urine for Health Benefits
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Facts About Drinking Urine for Health Benefits

Why do people drink urine for health reasons? Is it safe to drink my own urine? What are the risks of drinking urine? Drinking urine is said to cure many things but none have been proven, learn what healing properties urine is said to contain. Is it okay to drink pee? Learn some of the historical uses of urine. Does pee really stop a jelly fish sting from hurting?

While some people enjoy being urinated upon for sexual reasons, others consume urine, or smear it on their body, for health reasons. The act of drinking urine for health reasons is called urine therapy, or urotherapy, this being different than urophagia which is simply drinking urine for enjoyment.

History of Urine Therapy

Urine therapy is not a new thing, with various cultures using urine for different purposes for hundreds of years.

In ancient Rome urine was used to wash the teeth. In the 1600's people in France used urine soaked stockings wrapped around the neck to cure strep throat, and women bathed in it for beauty reasons.

In Hinduism it has been suggested to rub urine into the skin for therapeutic reasons and ayurvedic medicine it has been suggested as a drink, often mixed with water or fruit juices, to cure cancer and prevent illnesses.

Drinking midstream of the first urine of the morning before daylight, has been a traditional yoga practice.

The Chinese use to put it on wounds for healing or drink urine to improve circulation.

Claims of Benefits of Drinking Urine

Of all the health benefit claims around drinking urine, the one that seems to hold the most strength is that of drinking the first urine of the morning. This urine contains the most melatonin, which is a hormone produced at night. Consuming melatonin does produce a more relaxed state of mind and heightens visualization. In fact melatonin can be purchased in pill form for the same reason.

Another possible benefit from drinking urine is that the urea, a major component of urine, may have some benefits in fighting cancer, or preventing it. This has never been proven scientifically.

Other claims are that it reduces allergies.

External Uses of Urine

Although claimed to relive the pain from jellyfish stings there is no proof of this. It has been suggested that it may have anti-fungal properties and can cure athlete's foot. Other claims are that it can cure acne, heal wounds, and act as a poultice.

Health Risks of Drinking Urine

Drinking one's own urine is less risky than drinking somebody else's, however it it not without health concerns.

Urine contains waste minerals, salts, medications, and vitamins. Drinking urine can mean a person consumes again the items their body rejected as excess. As such urine should be diluted with water to reduce problems associated with this and a person should not consume additional vitamins, and never consumed when a person is already dehydrated (because of the salts).

The other concern is that if the person suffers from a bacterial infection the bacteria will be ingested.

Sexually transmitted diseases can be spread by drinking another persons urine.


Urine from pregnant mares has been used for years as a way to collect estrogen often used in hormone therapy for menopausal women.

Some Hindus believe that drinking cow's urine is beneficial for health reasons.

For survival reasons it is suggested you “purify” your urine before you drink it and to only drink your own urine, not that of other people.

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Comments (9)

Strange addiction/therapy or whatever. I wrote one on strange addictions. I saw a woman on a documentary drinking urine for therapy and for enjoyment. She brushed her teeth in urine, smeared it on her face and all over. She must have stunk. :(

Wow, this is really new information to me.  You present it very well.

Excellent information presented professionally. I'll have a glass of red wine, thank you!

I had some researched way way back about urine drinking but never been publish and remember two things, one - to gurgle urine first thing in the morning makes your teeth strong, two - in "Water World" nobody can drink seawater so KC drink his own purified urine.

Thank you dear Brenda. Urotherapy is a therapy in India. One of our former PMs was practicing it and he lived longer than otgher PMs. 

Urine therapy is a scientifically unproven practice. It brings no measurable benefit and may even harm you. This is one type of altrenative therapy which falls in the broader category of pseudoscience. Absolutely disgusting.

Though some people may frown at the very idea, in India we had our own stalwarts such as Morarji Desai, who lived almost 100 years, by consuming his own urine for health reasons.Thanks.

Drinking urine, smearing on the body for health benefits? Very interesting but strange practices.  This is news to me. I  was also taken back with... "While some people enjoy being urinated upon for sexual reasons".  What people do for sexual gratification is crazy to me.  Anyway, nicely composed write-up.

Very interesting and informative article, but I find the thought of drinking urine quite disgusting. After all it is the exit route for harmful fluids from the body, which are mixed with the beneficial (if any) fluids coming out from the same place at the same time. Extremely well-presented information nevertheless, thumbs up Brenda!