Forgiving Others Is An Alternative Medicinal Therapy
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Forgiving Others Is An Alternative Medicinal Therapy

Forgiving others is an alternative medicine. It heals many diseases and leads to a happier life. Ancient systems such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda accept that forgiveness heals the emotional wounds and regulate the flow of vital energy in the body.

Although western medicinal systems do not seem to accept that forgiving others is also a medicinal system, ancient systems such as Ayurveda and Chinese traditional systems, which insist the subtle energy of the body, have given importance to forgiveness as an alternative therapy to regulate chakras that control the emotional wounds as well as physical problems. The chakras in the body control the flow of energy called “Prana” or “Qui”. Today, the power of chakras is recognized as a part of medical systems, including the western medicines. Chakra healing is gaining popularity as a new way in the modern world to solve challenges against physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual illnesses.

How can forgiving be an alternative medicine?

Meridiens or Naadis in the body play vital role in Traditional Chinese as well as Indian medical systems. They say that unhealed emotional wounds cause blocks to the chakras, obstructing the free flow of the vital energy called prana or qui. When this free flow is blocked, it causes various physical and psychological diseases. It affects the solar plexus and is felt as some irritation in throat or some heaviness in heart. When you forgive, the block is released and the free flow of vital energy enables a healthy body and mind. When unconditional forgiveness is granted, the block to the energy flow is released, the chakra receives energy through trans-personal flow of energy which heals the wounds and right relationship is established.  

Forgiveness therapy with other therapies

Forgiveness therapy is associated with most of the alternative medicinal therapies called energy therapies such as prayer therapy, Pranic healing, Reiki, and aura cleansing therapy. As stated above, they involve the use of a person’s energy fields to heal the person at every level, including one’s physical body. Quantum physics of modern science has also proved that everything in the world, including the human body, is made up of energy that can affect one another relatively. Every illness of body and mind is an external manifestation of the energy blockage or imbalance. Forgiveness plays a vital role in removing or cleansing the blockage. Most of the alternative therapies aim at holistic healing for which forgiving and reconciliation is necessary.

The therapy prescribed by a great physician

A great physician who healed thousands and gave back life to many has prescribed forgiveness as the greatest remedy for healing all kinds of illnesses. His teachings insist forgiveness as the foremost criterion to build up relationship with God and all creations to initiate any healing. If anyone goes deep into his teachings, it can well be understood. In his prayer therapy tablet, given as “The Lord’s Prayer”, he shows that forgiveness is as important as food. That is the energy mantra of his therapy directing us to ask for “daily bread” and “forgiveness from God and others”. Forgiveness according to this great physician is the highest art of medicine.

Forgive yourself; forgive others

Just try, you will see wonders.

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Comments (10)

We only hurt ourselves when we do not forgive others.

yes we do, forgiveness is a therapy widely used in the west, I am a therapist and I use it as part of my counselling all the time.

Very good. We would be better of if this was taught more widely and thoroughly.

Excellent information!

I have noticed for myself that forgiving others and including myself, I feel an inner release of stress and tension.

Liked - shared - good job

A very nice and informative article on alternative medicine.Thanks.

Stress kills and part of that stress is unforgiveness. You have described this topic well. Thank you!

Stress is like a cancer that destroys life. Some of us find this out too late. Your article should be thought provoking for everyone who reads it.

What a good article! Forgiveness is taught in Christianity also. It is not always easy to do and is not just a "one time thing". But not forgiving lets to bitterness and bitterness is very hard to get rid of. Vot'd and promoted.