Have a Headache? Don't Take Two Just Have an Orgasm
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Have a Headache? Don't Take Two Just Have an Orgasm

If it is not already known by every married couple in the world than it will soon be. Having an orgasm, either via sexual intercourse or self satisfaction, may in fact relieve headache and migraine pain. Experts say it may due to endorphins, serotonin, and general neural activity sparked by orgasms.

Nearly everyone has experienced that one headache or migraine that just won’t go away.  It lingers either right behind the eyes or in the back of the head nearly all day calling for an entire day of stress and pain or a restless one stuck in bed.  Sometimes they can be as bad as to every light, sound, and smell seems to magnify the pain by 10 and no amount of water, rest, or even medicinal pain relief seems to work.  However, before a headache or a migraine gets to that unbearable point it usually just irritates and annoys until it eventually escalates or fades away. 

Preventable measures are usually taken when a headache or migraine begins to occur and most commonly that is in the form of consuming some over the counter pain medication.  For others who take a more natural and organic approach it usually involves resting, drinking additional water, eating a healthy meal, and even stretching to increase blood flow.

However, a study conducted in 2001 in ‘Headache’ surveyed a total of 57 women who had had sex with their partners while experiencing a headache or migraine.  Of those 57 women 30 percent had mentioned that they had felt some pain relief after having an orgasm and 17.5 percent mentioned that they were completely pain free after theirs.  Only 5.3 percent of the women surveyed mentioned that they experienced a worsening of headache or migraine pain.  A number significantly smaller than those who experienced complete or partial pain relief. 

Although men were not included in the survey it is somewhat safe to suggest that the results would relatively fall into the same ranges as the survey conducted for the women.  It was concluded by Dr. Evans and Dr. Couch that the suppression of a headache caused by an orgasm is indeed a possibility as neural activity (headache) could be countered by another neural event (orgasm).  It was also left to medical scrutiny as to whether or not other neural processes could relieve headache pain similar to that of an orgasm. 

Another suggestion reveals that during sexual intercourse or general sexual activity serotonin and endorphins are released into the brain that could very well counteract headache and migraine pain.  However, sometimes headache and migraine pain can be so severe or intense that participating in sexual activity may not be possible.  Instead, it is suggested that in this case self satisfaction would be the remedy to relieve headache and migraine pain.  The general idea is to release serotonin and endorphins within the brain in order to effectively counteract headache and migraine pain.  Self satisfaction would too make that possible same as sexual intercourse. 

It’s an odd result that this study reverses decades old sitcom humor where women have a ‘headache’ and therefore men are starved of their sexual desires for the night.  Fortunately though now, and especially for men, this well known humorous approach to avoiding sex may actually have medicinal benefits for women.                


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