How to Grow Medical Marijuana
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How to Grow Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is an easy plant to grow.

Marijuana is a very easy plant to grow. It can even be grown indoors with little extra attention. Marijuana is legal in many states if used medicinally. Each state, county and city has different laws as to the amount you can produce.

To avoid misunderstandings with your neighbors, you should probably grow your plants indoors. You will need flourescent light. A 2 ft section of bulb is needed for each plant. The light should be about 24 inches above the plants. The best light source would be a 600 watt high pressure sodium lamp. You can pick one up online or at a grow store.

Starting with healthy seeds is very important. They should be green, not grey and large. Feminine seeds work the best because they keep growing longer and the plants are larger and contain the most THC. To keep growing great plants, save the seeds from your most robust plants. Before planting, soak the seeds in distilled water overnight.

The plants need alot of soil. To grow each seedling use pots or even stryofoam cups with holes in the bottom so the water doesn't collect around the roots. Too much water can rot the roots. Use sterilized soil from a nursery or Home Depot. Add some sand and a little fertiliser to the mix. You only need to water about once a week. It will take 10 days to grow a seedling to transfer.

You should transplant your plant to a large growbox. Make sure to keep the soil from the pot attached to the root when you replant. You can use a commercial transplant chemical from a nursery to lessen the risk of a plant dying. To grow a large plant you will need about 1 cubic yard of soil. It will take about 12 to 16 weeks to grow a good sized plant. Plants need at least 8 hours of light per day but 16 hours is ideal. They need clean air so you need a oscillating fan going 24 hours a day.

In order to grow marijuana for yourself or others you must be licensed. To do this you must be someone's legal primary care provider or to grow for your elf you must get your doctor to recommend medical marijuana for treatment. This must be in writing. If you can't get it from your doctor you can go and see a doctor from the hemp and canibis foundation.

Every city or county is different so to get a card which gives you a legal right to produce medical marijuana you must go to your county's website or public office. Check your local laws before you get started.

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How to grow medical marijuana | Transplants

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where can i get the seeds from??