How to Use Crystal Healing for Self Healing
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How to Use Crystal Healing for Self Healing

While it is very beneficial to visit a professional when trying out a new therapy for the first time, crystal healing is a therapy that we can all use on ourselves.

Crystal healing is a type of therapy that can be used by anyone, although when trying anything out for the first time it is beneficial (but not essential in this case) to visit a professional therapist.

Most of us take for granted our wellbeing and when anything does go wrong, we automatically visit the doctor (as we should). What some people don’t realise that in many cases, we could simply help ourselves.

Please note this article is not suggesting not going to see a professional doctor or not taking prescribed medication. This article regards complementary therapy, whereby you use methods that will not interfere with prescribed medicines. This article is also providing information to aid non-serious illnesses that you would not ordinarily (or should not unless classed as an ‘at risk’ case) visit the doctor for.

Crystal healing is excellent for a whole host of illnesses from colds to helping the body combat much more serious illnesses. Crystal healing, like Reiki, Auric healing and many other alternative therapies helps the body to fight illness and strength the immune system, as well as speeding up healing.

To begin with, choosing the right crystal for you is a good place to begin. Below is a list of crystals and how they can help. Some are general healers – they will aid all kinds of healing, while others are more specific.

When purchasing a crystal, it is a good idea to go yourself and ‘have a feel’ for the right stone for you. Any warmth or tingling in the hand means this is a good stone. If it is painfully warm or uncomfortable, this is not for you, and if you feel nothing, it is possibly not for you.

Once you have a crystal, physically clean it – a hint of salt in warm water will suffice. Leave the crystal for a few moments in the water, before drying off. Next, focus your attention on the stone, mentally think about how you want to use it (in this case, healing yourself). Stare into the crystal while thinking of this purpose.

When you feel you have ‘imprinted’ the crystal with its purpose, the next thing to do is keep the stone with you for a while, reminding yourself of it now and again. Keep it in a pocket for a few days or simply take a few minutes each day holding the stone in your hands, focusing on it, feeling the energy from it pour into your hands and up your arms, along your shoulders and going wherever it needs to go. If it is not a specific area then feel the energy spread throughout your body.

For a few days, keep the crystal close-by, under a pillow at night and near to hand during the day.

This therapy should last no more than a week or so (certainly no more than ten days). At the end of this time, cleanse the crystal again (warm, salty water) and put it away for a time. Should your symptoms return after a few weeks, do the process again.

If symptoms are persistent (and this is true in any event, regardless of the therapy), it may be a chronic illness and you will want to pay a visit to your doctor if you have not already done so.

List of Crystals:

Clear quartz is an excellent all rounder. It will improve all round health, is easy to charge for specific purposes, is good for mind, body and spirit, is an excellent channeller for healing and an amplifier. Also meant to improve memory. Excellent Crown Chakra stone.

Rose quartz is used for removing anger/hatred, jealousy and other negative emotions. Heart Chakra stone. Also aids kidneys, spleen and circulation system. This stone is widely known for it’s calming and relaxing properties.

Tigers Eye is very protective, grounding and dispels negative energies. Aids digestion, promotes better eye sight and is generally a good health booster.

Amber is an uplifting crystal, and helps the body to heal itself. This stone can be substituted for any chakra stone. Said to draw disease from body.

Amethyst is a powerhouse crystal, like quartz and amber! Used for the pituitary gland, it is also a blood cleaner and energiser. This stone is a member of the quartz family. A Third Eye Chakra stone.

Citrine, another member of the quartz family, is excellent for the Solar Plexus Chakra and is good for digestion, the colon, kidneys, liver, urinary system and gall bladder. Aids self esteem and circulation as well.

Moonstone is very much a Yin energy and greatly aids period pains, and anything related to fertility/childbearing. Meant to be good to carry if pregnant and absorbs pain and illness. Said to be good at regenerating tissues and organs. Sacral Chakra.

Jasper (Bloodstone) is an excellent blood stone, good for all blood conditions. Also lungs and eyesight. Revitalises mind and body. Reduces stress and centres you. Good Root Chakra stone also.

Hematite is excellent for grounding as well, and is also good for healing tumours, anaemia and general healing. Another excellent Root Chakra stone.

Turquoise is an excellent crystal, as it aligns all chakras and is very good for throat issues and Throat Chakra.

Carnelian, another quartz stone, is excellent for the circulatory system. It is good for the kidneys, sexuality (and reproductive system), emotions, arthritis, gall bladder, pancreas, confidence, assertiveness. A Sacral Chakra stone.

As you can see, many crystals cover a wide range of health complaints and some are more specific. Where relevant, the corresponding chakra is mentioned, as linking crystals to chakras close to your area of concern is also helpful. Using crystals can help your body heal itself far faster and more effectively than it normally would and will not interfere with conventional medicine.

Source: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall


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Comments (10)

Great and informative article...thanks

Wonderful article! I have a tumbled Citrine stone which I made into a necklace. I read that it's a healing stone for asthma and allergies and I have both. I wear it all the time and so far I haven't experienced any asthma attacks or allergic reactions. I cannot say that it totally healed me, but it helps.

So true, AJ. I don't think anyone would claim that they cure anything but they certainly boost the body's ability to heal itself :D Thanks for your lovely comment :D Abdel-moniem El Shorbagy, thanks also for your lovely comment :D

Excellent information on crystals, Norma.

I'm a great believer in alternative therapies and wouldn't mind trying this at some point. Great article!

Thank you for composing this interesting information.Voted up.

very interesting and informative article. Voted up

back with my vote.thanks again

Thanks for reminding me. I used to cherish my crystals but they are gathering dust somewhere now I'm ashamed to say. I'm going to clean them up and bring them out again. I used to carry citrine around with me, although I didn't know what it was for, and the color always drained out of it so I'd have to replace it. People told me to bury it under the new moon if I remember rightly. The color never returned though LOL!

Norma, excellent information on this concept! Love those beautiful stones, voted up!