How to Use the Angels Trumpet or Datura Stramonium As a Healing and Health Restoring Tonic As Told in Ayurveda
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How to Use the Angels Trumpet or Datura Stramonium As a Healing and Health Restoring Tonic As Told in Ayurveda

Ayurveda: Indian herbs in Herbalism

The Angel’s Trumpet or Datura Stramonium has so many names due to its use, that one can explore it here. In medicinal Herbalism, the use of Datura is one of major importance. It has properties similar to those of belladonna. We think of using it in the following cases:

1. Asthma:  it is very useful in curing asthma, when the patient inhales the smoke from the burning leaves.

2. Malaria:  Datura fruit is a specific remedy for phlegmatic and bilious types of malarial fever.

3. Heart Disorders: This herb is a valuable remedy for heart disorders, as it relieves cardiac pains, distress, palpitations and aortic disorders.

4. Earache:  the leaves of the herb are useful in the treatment of earache. A few drops of specially-prepared oil from the Datura in the ear cures earache and the enhances supportive conditions in the ear.

5. Impotency:  Datura is useful in the impotency. The specially prepared butter from the cow’s milk, while using the Datura helps greatly when we use it externally, as a massage on the male reproductive organ and the back, the spine and using it internally as well. In this way, it gradually promotes the health and vigor and thus restores the absolute fitness in the body.

6. Baldness: a preparation made from the Datura seeds with other ingredients is useful in the patchy baldness. The oil of it also helps as and herbal with additional herbs in it, as the use of it stimulates the hair growth at the spots of baldness. However, as the Datura is poisons, we need to wash our hands after use and keep away from the children and should avoid using it on their scalp.

7. Problem with Breast Milk Secretion: The herb is highly beneficial in halting the secretion of the breast milk. In case of the unfortunate death of a newly born baby, the accumulation of the milk in the breasts of the mother poses a problem, causing severe pain; in such cases the warmed leaves of the Datura tied on the breasts will relive the mother from the problem.

8. Parkinson's and other Diseases:  It is well used in many diseases that have symptoms of spasm. It is mentionable here that it is one of finest remedies for mental symptoms. It heals the bad effects of narcotics. Thus, it works as a mental tonic as well.

9. Piles:  It heals piles as well, when used in the guidance of a practitioner.

It is to be remarked that it has exceptionally good effects on our body and mind, but its effects the on mind need guidance from trained practitioners, because a only little knowledge is not useful for positive results. Its uses are immense and one can read again more about it HERE and a little more HERE.

Thanks for your reading it!

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Comments (8)

thank you for another great article

jonni jimson

it is also very poisonous

Similar to jimsonweed (ironically similar to the previous postee's name if not intentional,) 'angel's trumpet' is considered poisonous. A case exists whereby soldiers in Virginia ate a salad that contained the leaves or flowers of the plant and they had hallucinations and delirium as a result. The seeds are 'recreationally sought' for this very purpose, despite the fact that death can occur from the plant/products of the plant.

Well, it is very true that there are many poisonous products including from nature whether plants or elements like mercury, but in Homeopathy, Herbals and Ayurveda all are processed until it is safe for use. The snakes are poisonous but when they are used as pets the poison is taken out. Nux Vomica is similar example that can harm anyone and can even make dogs die if eaten, but once it is in the form of medicines it changes. About this medicine lot can be explored at: and The reason to promote these herbs in Homeopathy, Herbals and Ayurveda is to avoid the drugs being used as medicines. I personally go for supporting the multiple pathies or therapies in association with Allopathy as in India the government has opened Ayurveda and Homeopathy in parallel with all governmental hospitals, which were basically Allopathic. Thanks for your comment.

Blake Steiner
Health Angels

Is that really good to the body? I know that kind of things that really poisons. But I will actually read about it next time I visit this time to gather more information about that said article.

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Interesting to read a positive article on Dathura.

It is a powerful medicin plant and needs deep respect,too much of her

will induce a lasting deliriumand madness with periods of extreme dryness of the mucus membranes.In an unsafe setting,things can go really wrong.

(i speak from some experience)