Leech Therapy of Ayurveda Heals Blood-Related Diseases
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Leech Therapy of Ayurveda Heals Blood-Related Diseases

Ayurveda, an ancient medicinal system of India, uses leech therapy to heal many diseases. The blood diluting ability of leeches is used to purify blood and help smooth blood circulation.

It may be difficult to believe that leeches can remove blood pooling around a muscle or skin flap and purify blood better than modern drugs and other treatments. Ayurveda, the Indian medical system which has been successful since the dawn of history, uses leech therapy successfully to heal diseases such as psoriasis, thrombos, cramp veins, certain cancer diseases, piles, cysts, etc.

What is leech therapy?

Leech therapy, which is called in Ayurveda system as Jalauka or Rakta Moksha, is an old form of Ayurvedic detoxification with the help of lthe creeping insect leech. Ayurvedic scriptures such as Charak Samhita and the Sushrut Samhita give many details of this therapy. The impure blood which is the root cause of most of the human ailments is removed from the body. Leeches have the ability to suck blood clotted around muscles or skin. The anti-blood clotting enzymes in their saliva makes the blood circulation normal. In this way, leech therapy does wonders in many diseases connected with blood clotting.

Method of leech therapy

1) Leech therapy is purification of blood by allowing a special species of leech which removes the toxic blood and refreshes blood circulation. Generally, people are afraid of undergoing leech therapy since they are afraid of this creeping insect, thinking it would bite them and suck all their blood.

2) Therapist finds out the right species of leeches and disinfects them in turmeric water. The leeches are attached to the areas of blood impurity and allowed to suck blood. After 30 minutes or so the leech is automatically detached from the spot.

3) The sucked spot of the patient is applied with powdered liquorice root as an anti-septic. The leech also is dusted in turmeric powder to make it vomit the toxic blood it had sucked in.

Benefits of leech therapy

1) The benefits of leech therapy are many since the modern medical world is still struggling with purification of blood and removing clotting. This therapy can warm up and clean the skin.

2) The special property of leeches, the anti-blood clotting enzymes in their saliva, helps in reconditioning blood circulation.

3) Leech therapy can heal most of the diseases connected with blood clot and impurity. This therapy is found to be helpful in muscular pains, paralysis, accumulation of blood due to impacts, cramp veins, gout and in some cases of arthritis.

Although leech therapy is an ancient medical system with so many benefits, only recently it could draw the attention of the western medical world. Superstition, prejudices, difficulty in finding the right species of leeches, and westernization of medicines are some of the reasons for the negligence of leech therapy even in Ayurveda medical system.

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