How to Use Saline Nasal Sprays to Decongest Without Medication
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How to Use Saline Nasal Sprays to Decongest Without Medication

Saline nose sprays are made of an isotonic solution of salt and water

Saline nose or nasal spray is made of an isotonic (equal osmotic pressure or like a balance) of saline (salt) and water.  They are sold as being sterile (no bacteria) solutions.  These sprays are available over the counter and do not cost much money.  There are a multitude of brands.  Look for the cheapest--the quality should be the same as the more expensive brand.

Why would you buy these sprays?  What is great about these sprays is that they do not have any medication in them. Therefore they are completely safe. When an infant has a stuffy nose or cold you can safely use these nasal sprays (under your doctor's advisement) to temporarily unplug your infant's nose.  For that matter you can use these sprays on anyone--infant, child or adult.  In young children they may not let you spray the solution into their nose and you should be careful in doing so.  Saline nasal sprays are a mild nasal decongestant and anyone with children knows that when a child can breathe through their nose they will sleep better (and mom and dad can get some sleep too!).

Adults might use these drops because, again, they do not have any medication in them.  Therefore there are no side effects that one might get if using a decongestant like Neosynephrine or other medication.  Some people have medical issues keeping them from using these OTC (over the counter) mdications. But with the saline nasal sprays you don't have to worry.  Unfortunately their decongesting properties do not last long.  But it is better than no help.  These drops also can 'soothe' the inside nasal mucosa.  Particularly if you have a 'dry' nose.  Dry nasal mucosa can be irritating and somewhat painful.

Saline nasal sprays do not have any medication, and therefore do not protect against germs (like antibiotics or sanitizers do).  

Saline nasal sprays are safe to use.  You should however, never share nasal spray bottles with others, even in your family.  Remember that the nose, eyes and mouth are the areas where viruses and bacteria enter to give you the flu, a cold or other infections; if one of you is harboring an illness that hasn't shown up yet, why spread it around?

Even though these sprays have a minimal effect and it don't last long, they can help the inside of your nose to be healthier and more comfortable; they ultimately can help you to be well.

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