The Brief History and Medical Compounds of Silver and Colloidal Silver
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The Brief History and Medical Compounds of Silver and Colloidal Silver

Since the times of ancient Greece silver and colloidal silver have been used to fight and treat infections, diseases, and to help maintain vitality. This has been done by absorbing silver through the skin as a topical cream, ingesting silver through a mixture of water, and even wearing or having food stored in silver containers.

For thousands of years silver has been used medicinally in order to fight infections as well as diseases within the body.  Whether absorbed through the skin via a topical cream or consumed with water suspended as tiny particles also known as colloidal silver history has noted that the use of silver has increased health benefits.  However, much controversy still remains amongst modern scientific experts as to whether or not silver, or colloidal silver for that matter, actually plays a role throughout the healing process.  It is believed by many, medical experts included, that silver has healing properties and if taken routinely can sustain continuous health for a long period of time.

Silver compounds consist of an oligodynamic effect and are toxic to fungi, algae, and various forms of bacteria.  This oligodynamic effect is much similar to the same found in other metals such as lead and mercury but silver is the least toxic to humans.  If used as an antiseptic the antibacterial action is dependent upon the ability of the silver ion to damage key enzyme systems in the cell membranes of pathogens.  It has been found as well that the antibacterial action of the silver ions can be enhanced if just a few volts of electricity are applied which in turn increases the amount of bacteria killed.  Because of this silver compounds are commonly used to prevent and treat infections.  One example of this can be seen in hospitals as newborns are given silver proteinate, a dilute solution, administered as eye drops in order to prevent conjunctivitis.  As a topical cream, silver has historically proven to be very effective.   

The disinfectant properties found within silver are commonly used alongside construction of medical appliances such as catheters and various forms of breathing tubes.  It is also mentioned throughout folklore and ancient tales that prosperous individuals drank and ate from silver cups and spoons in order to sustain vitality because of this.  It is also rumored that this tradition has carried onwards to this very day and is commonly practiced amongst the elite.  Regardless of the controversy, many medical professionals still recommend every individual to at least try a continuous use of colloidal silver for roughly one week.  This time frame should allow components of the silver to start enacting a natural healing process or to simply maintain proper health.  If taken regularly silver, and colloidal silver, can act as a preventative form of medicine. 


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