The Essence of Flowers - Alternative Cure
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The Essence of Flowers - Alternative Cure

A flower essence is the subtle energy of a flower that has been transferred and braced in water. Flower essences can help acknowledge and resolve different conditioned ways of perceiving everything and can help us experience greater well-being and compatibility in our lives. By creating this harmony within ourselves, we now notice distinct changes in ourselves physically, emotionally and even spiritually. Flower essences help us recognize and free ourselves of destructive patterns of behavior, support us in extending our consciousness beyond its present state. They render a language that helps us to understand our emotions and inner cravings.


Everybody loves flowers. They represent feelings of love, adoration and relationships. But only a few knew that flowers have the capability to heal and prevent illness.

Flower essences are liquid extracts prepared from wildflowers or garden blossoms. The medicine tribes of many cultures have used flower essences since olden times, but only in the past sixty years or so, have they become better known. Flowers have been used for healing since ancient times, but a complete system of flower healing was developed by an English physician, Dr. Edward Bach, in the 1930s.


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How do flower essence work?

When flower essences are prepared, the specific energy pattern of each flower is transferred to the extract. The unique energy pattern has the ability to affect the energy of the person who takes the essence. They bring awareness of your “soul patterns,” revealing natural possibilities for creativity and emotional, mental and physical growth.

In each 38 remedies, discovered by Dr. Bach is directed at a single feature or emotional state.

This phenomenon is similar to hearing a particularly moving piece of music. Just as the sound waves awaken an experience within us that’s similar to the emotions felt by the composer, the energy patterns of the flower awaken a healing and emotionally fulfilling type of energy.


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What can flower essence do for you?

Flower essence are usually used to calm, stabilize and energize – when a person is under stress, for example, or is in the situation of intense anxiety. The essence help bring awareness. They may be used to help resolve mental and emotional problems that are causing physical illness. Flower essence can also “unblock” problems that are interfering with the full expression of human potential.

As an example, imagine, a manager who is always yelling at his workers. Flower essence can help him understand why he responds that way and also give him the ability to choose more constructive and effective responses.

Flower essence are usually used to people discover entirely new parts of their personalities. The proper flower essence might help someone discover previously unrealized artistic potential.


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The essences are frequently used as a type of preventive medicine because they help create emotional states. Someone who often feels cynical around the holidays, for example might feel more loving after using a flower essence.

Are flower essences safe?

It is impossible to take an overdose of flower essence; they don’t cause any side effects. They do, however, intensify the mind and emotions at first. People need to be aware that their emotions may be heightened for several days after starting to use a new essence.

Note: This series is only intended as a reference only, not as a medical journal series. The information given is projected to help you make informed decisions about your health. This is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your doctor. If you suspect that you have a medical difficulties, I advice you to seek professional medical help.

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Comments (7)

Some people have asked me why I wear perfume when I am not going out on a date. I have explained that it makes me feel great. I wear it for myself and no one else. Thank you for your great article.

Exttremely interesting post about flower essence. I love the choice of your words to describe their effects. These flower essences indeed have something magical. Two thumbs up, dear Ron!

I can't wait for the next article detailing which particular flowers you use. Have a great day, my friend. 

very helpful and informative far we're fine..hope you are good there also

A very intersting article looking into an old method of healing.Very good comparison to music as music can sometimes be healing as well.I wasn't aware that this was now being studied and find the concept very interesting as I love to smell flowers and it always heightens my senses when doing so..Wonderful work Ron!

I know there are some flowers I smell and feel better when I do. 

A good look at the essences of flowers and how they alter our moods.

This must be one of the reasons why some people like flowers. Thanks for your informative and well written article.