The Healing Power of Magnet Therapy
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The Healing Power of Magnet Therapy

What is magnet therapy? Magnet therapy is a scheme based on the idea that human bodies form an electromagnetic field that respond to the healing power of magnets. This simple concept that a magnet may help relieve pain and ailment is perhaps difficult to accept. Nevertheless, several scientific studies support the use of magnets in treatments and preventions of medical conditions. There are also many reports of persons who have found magnet therapy has relieved variety of conditions, like arthritis, cramps, headaches and migraines.


Each cell in your body has an electrical charge that produces a magnetic field. Applying a magnetic field to the body to achieve a healing effect either by putting a so-called permanent magnet (like the refrigerator magnet) on your skin or by treatment with a medical device that emits an electromagnetic field is magnet therapy.

How does magnet therapy works?

No one really knows how it works. It may be that the magnetic field affects the movement of the ions, the positively and negatively charged particles that constantly move in and out of cells. It may be that placing a permanent magnet on certain areas increases the body’s production of painkilling chemicals called endorphins.


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Scientist does know, however, that some frequently popular explanations for the potency of magnet therapy are incorrect. Magnets do not work, for example, by affecting the iron in hemoglobin, the molecules that carry the oxygen throughout the body, nor do they improve circulation in the areas over which they’re placed.

At the University of Virginia, a study by biomedical engineering researchers has found that magnets may really furnish biological healing. The scientific evidence for this controversial therapy may lead to the thought of use of magnets for athletes, seniors and others.

In the peer-reviewed of American Journal of Physiology, that magnetic field created by magnets with strength of about 10 times the strength of refrigerator magnets - could cause blood vessels with dilated walls to squeeze and relax, which gain blood flow through the vessel. These findings were a result of the study by Professor Thomas Skalak, chair of biomedical engineering at UV and his team. Skalak is an expert in microcirculation research and has been studying the effectiveness of magnet therapy for years.


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What can magnet therapy do for your?

Applying a permanent magnet relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and speed the healing of bones and injured soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, and tendons). Permanent magnets are applied directly in bandage like devices that cover large or small areas of the body, in mattresses, in shoe insoles and many other forms.

The increase in blood flow can be used to reduce the swollen muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues. Swelling is very common side effect of both minor and major injuries like sprains and muscle bruising. The magnets could reduce the swelling cause by sprains, bruises and bumps like ice packages and compression are used – but with more beneficial effects.

Is magnetic therapy safe?

Doctors who are familiar with magnet therapy say that it is safe and that trying out a permanent magnet on your own is virtually risk-free. It’s theoretically possible that magnets could harm a pregnant woman or someone who has pacemaker or implanted electrical device; those individuals should talk with a doctor before using this thearapy.

Note: This series is only intended as a reference only, not as a medical journal series. The information given is projected to help you make informed decisions about your health. This is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your doctor. If you suspect that you have a medical difficulties, I advice you to seek professional medical help.

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Comments (11)

I like your alternative health article.I am sitting on a magnetic seat right now.

Thanks Roberta,have a nice day, same to your Sam.

Hello Ron. I have heard of this magnet therapy. Your article is extremely well researched and convincing. Thank you, my friend. Great work again!

Thanks for your health information regarding potential healing powers of magnet therapy.

I use to work in a store where we sold these, and many people bought them and said they did work.

Wonderful work Ron! I often wondered why magnets worked on pain and though I have heard about the usage of magnets many times, never did I hear about an actual explanation for them.You have written well, describing both thoery and concept,so well in fact that I may try them now! Interesting write and read. Thanks for posting!

Ron, you have done an outstanding job with this article.

Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing Sir...

I have always wondered if this would work.  Thanks for the great information.

I REALLY want to try this!

to be honest Kabayan, I never knew magnet has the power to heal..thanks for the valuable info..keep it up.