Health Benefits and Uses of Cornflowers
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Health Benefits and Uses of Cornflowers

Cornflowers are more than just a pretty face. There are several health benefits and uses of cornflowers. Cornflowers have been in use since Medieval Times to treat various symptoms but mainly eye and muscle pain. Cornflowers make for a soothing tea that soothes the skin and the muscles alike. Much better, they are easy to grow and provide some color in winter.

Cornflowers are great in our gardens – those gorgeous blue flowers do give a wonderful pop of colour in any garden throughout winter into spring. There are a number of health benefits and uses of cornflowers and they are fairly simple to grow. Get it right and they will quickly give you a great show of flowers. You need to plant them in full sun in well-drained soil that is lightly composted. Cornflowers do well in the cooler climes and will start wilting in the summer heat. If you pick the flowers, the plant will reward you with even more. Cornflowers are best considered annuals and should be replaced annually.  

The Top Health Benefits and Uses of Cornflowers

Toss a few flowers into the bath to help soften and soothe the skin. Cornflowers have long been used for their soothing effect. If you have overdone the exercise, you can have a bath with cornflowers in it to ease the pain. Alternatively, use a warm compress. For rheumatic pain, steep the flowers in boiling water for 5 minutes and allow to cool until bearable to touch. Apply to the problem area as a poultice – keep it as warm as you can handle. This is also a good remedy if you are stiff and sore from exercise.

The most commonly known of the health benefits and uses of cornflowers is the ability to revive tired eyes and ease eye strain. A tablespoon of fresh petals into a cup of boiling water, allowed to steep for five minutes and then cooled completely makes for a great eye lotion. You can use this tea as an eyewash or as a cool compress. Relax and allow the health benefits and uses of cornflowers to help you to ease eye strain.  

You can also drink this same tea as a tonic to increase immunity and help you to resist infections. Taken at the start of an infection, it can help to reduce the severity of it. For the immune boosting effects, drink three times a day for no longer than two to three weeks. As with all herbal teas, you need to give yourself a break from the tea every two or three months.  This tea is also quite good for those with rheumatism and aching muscles. It is quite bitter though so you may need to sweeten it with some honey to help it go down more easily. 

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