The Health Benefits of Hyperbaric Chambers
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The Health Benefits of Hyperbaric Chambers

An informative and thorough investigation of the health benefits of hyperbaric chambers.

A hyperbaric chamber is a sealable diving apparatus that is designed to allow divers to slowly change from the pressure of one environment to another. The two types of hyperbaric chambers include decompression chambers for surface-supplied divers to make their routine stops and recompression chambers used to treat the symptoms of pressure sickness. Since the early 1900's hyperbaric chambers have been used by marine biologists and divers to help relieve the discomfort caused by pressure changes and have rapidly evolved into a very high-tech, helpful tool.

A decompression chamber is generally used for subjects who are leaving a high pressure area and entering a low pressure area. Divers who have been continuously exposed to high pressure environments gradually change physically to adapt to the newfound conditions. When these divers need to make a stop on land they are slowly brought back to the atmospheric pressure of sea level. It is a process that takes time and if not performed correctly can lead to decompression sickness. Decompression sickness (DCS) occurs when precipitation from dissolved gasses form bubbles inside the body during depressurisation. DCS , although rare can cause a plethora of symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to death.

Recompression chambers do not help divers in the field like decompression chambers do. They are used to treat patients that have suffered from DCS and benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The symptoms of DCS can range anywhere from a slight rash and joint pain, to paralysis and even death. This therapy involves placing the patient into a high pressure chamber that allows the partial pressure in the tissue of the body to drastically increase and can eventually eliminate DCS. These chambers have allowed divers in recent history who did not have access to decompression chambers to finally be cured of their discomfort from diving in years past.

The earliest hyperbaric chambers have been dated back to the early 1800's and have been steadily increasing in productivity and practicality ever since. The newest forms of these chambers have intricate controls to duplicate the most precise settings imaginable. Decompression chambers are now accepted by divers world wide as the preferred decompression method. Relieving many divers from terrible discomfort, allowing them to explore the depths of the unknown without dire consequences to themselves. Hyperbaric chambers are becoming more advanced with as marine technology advances. With each new model of hyperbaric chamber divers are able to see deeper into to the ocean than ever before and continue to add bits of information to the known world.

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