The Many Benefits of Malunggay or Moringa Oleifera
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The Many Benefits of Malunggay or Moringa Oleifera

Malunggay or Moringa Oleifera is a very popular vegetable in the Philippines because of its many uses. Known for its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer characteristics, malunggay has become the favorite of many Filipinos. It is one of the vegetables that crowd the market every day. malunggay could be used as food and herbal medicine.

Malunggay is one of the most popular vegetables in the Philippines today because of the many benefits that it offers to people.

The scientific name of Malunggay is Moringa Oleifera.  It is also called Horse Radish Tree, Ben Oil Tree and Drumstick Tree in English. 

Malunggay has become very popular in the Philippines not only because of its nutritional value but because it is also a medicinal plant.  In the town where I live malunggay is a very popular vegetable that people consume every day.  I am also one of these people who buy malunnggay leaves every day since I do not only use it for eating but I use it as tea.  In my research online, malunggay has been used many, many years ago not only as food but also as herbal medicine.  The modern world has made some innovations in its uses and malunggay has become the favorite of many people.

Malunggay is known for its nutritional values that is very good for malnourished children; hence the discovery of different foods using malunggay as the main ingredients.  You can see malunggay noodles in store shelves, malunggay crakers, malunggay tea, malunggay bread, malunggay drink etc., and they are all very nutritional and healthy foods. 

In the Philippines, malunggay is becoming a very important vegetable since it is very cheap and at the same time it is very easy to grow in the backyard.  In traditional Filipino families, malunggay is a very useful vegetable to nursing mothers.  The malunggay leaves especially when used as vegetable for chicken and fish soup helps the nursing mother able to produce good supply of milk for her baby.  Malunggay provides Vitamins A, B and C plus iron, calcium and protein to the nursing mother and infants.  This is why the Philippine government is promoting more consumption of malunggay leaves and its fruits every day. 

Popular for being anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-cancer, malunggay has become a well-loved vegetable crowding the markets every day because of its nutritional and medicinal values.

You can use malunggay as ingredients for soup or you can mix malunggay with other vegetables.  The fruit of the malunggay could be used just like the string beans.  If cooked with other vegetables, it tastes really good. 

As a medicinal herb, malunggay leaves could be boiled to make tea or used for washing wounds and sores.  Since malunggay is anti-bacterial, this is a very good washing solution for wounds and sores.  Pounded malunggay leaves could also be used directly on inflamed areas of flesh to reduce inflammation.  Mouth sores could be cured by chewing fresh malunggay leaves; while dried malunggay seeds could be taken in 3 times a day just like the pills to combat different illnesses like cancer and other body ailments.


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One of my favorite green leaves.

Me too. I always take malunggay capsules daily.

Thank you dear Pinkay for this healthy article. Thank you also for your comment on St. Joseph. I hope you will guide me to write more articles.Ever thankful for your support.