Water Cures
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Water Cures

ThereÂ’s nothing like a cool glass of water to quench oneÂ’s thirst. Natural fruit juices, buko water (coconut water) and sugar cane sticks are also some of the most agreeable natural quenchers. The cell salts contained in fruits are atomized, purified and perfectly organized by nature for easy assimilation in the blood.


There’s nothing like a cool glass of water to quench one’s thirst. Natural fruit juices, buko water (coconut water) and sugar cane juice are also some of the most agreeable natural quenchers. The cell salts contained in fruits are atomized, purified and perfectly organized by nature for easy assimilation in the blood.

Allopathic and natural medical systems may come up with various formulas to alleviate sickness, but there’s nothing like water as an effective remedy. In many cases of low fever and cholera, warm water is better than cold.

For obesity, constipation, urinary troubles, chronic skin diseases and cirrhosis of the liver due to indigestion or alcohol, water is invaluable.

When constipated, water should be taken early in the morning and at bedtime; in a fever, a cupful every hour; and in hypopepsia (Impaired digestion, especially that due to a deficiency of pepsin); a cupful an hour before meal.

In the Ayurveda, water is cited as being the promoter of life and health and when it is naturally warmed by the sun during the day and cooled by the moon at night. If the water is salty, it causes bile and cures diseases of lymph, windiness and biliousness. Water impregnated with mineral may produce different kinds of ailments, according to the nature of the substance. For example, magnesium chloride or sulphate may cause diarrhea; calcium, goiter; zinc, constipation; iron, dyspepsia; mica, sprue; lead, paralysis; and sulphur, boils or itches.

On the other hand even impure water if boiled and exposed to the sun, or dipped seven times with gold, sand, copper, stone (flint), and oxide of iron made red-hot, becomes pure and unobjectionable when passed through a clean white cloth.

Again, the Ayurvedas tell us that water serves as nectar or prevents disease when taken early in the morning and as tonic when the food is digested. However, it slows down digestion when drank at the end of the meal.

Kneipp, a 1800s Bavarian priest who saw the curative power of water works for him, said: “If a person applies (water) over his stomach six or eight times during a meal, it first all dilutes the gastric juices. This makes it no longer fit to serve digestive essence and torments his stomach six or eight fold.” Water was Kneipp’s tried-and-tested friend as he recovered from an illness, which allopathic doctors of his time gave up hope on, just by using hydropathic treatment.

Later, Kneipp theorized that the cause of all diseases lies in the blood due to either contamination by foreign elements or the retention of excretions longer than necessary. Kneipp applied water in the form of wraps, compresses, packs, steaming, washings and affusions.

Based on his experience, he concluded that cold water for a short time is more effective than warm. Only in the ease where cold water cannot be borne due to the patient’s idiosyncrasy may warm or tepid be applied until the patient is able to bear cold water applications.

If the patient is pale and thin, Kneipp recommended partial washings or affusions only. In abnormal temperature, frictions or applications of hot water bottles are tried first before cold water is applied to the same parts. This makes body circulation faster and increases appetite and strength by stimulating the body’s system.

In pains and injuries, affusions of cold water are applied. Burns and scalds are dipped in tepid water. For nervousness, one should walk barefoot when the sun shines to be able to withstand stronger applications.

Ronthoughts Journal 1998

Primary Image Source - http://www.dr-krautheim.de/english/img/Badeabteilung03.jpg


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Comments (16)

Nice information.

Fortunately many cultures have discovered how great water is both for internal and external use. Thank you for a delightfully interesting article composed so well by you.

Thanks Raja and Roberta - appreciated.

Fascinating about cleansing it by passing through a white cloth.

... and clean, clear water is getting scarce nowadays. Nice write.

Great article. A lot of people miss out on the benefits of staying hydrated.

I take more than 8 glasses of water a day because I believe in the powers of water therapy..

I do not drink enough water I know it is true, I need to drink more. I just hate having to go to the bathroom more often.

Thanks everyone - appreciated your read, votes and comments.

Nice work, as usual, Ron.

Thanks Jerry.

I enjoyed this article, Ron. Very nice write up.

Thanks Sharla.

This is such an important article for everyone to read. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

Very useful and detailed information; thank you for posting this, my friend.

Stay blessed, dear Ron.

Wow, I do not know what to say about, "WATER". Several years ago, I have suffered from constipation due to lack of nutrition. Therefore, I started drinking 17 ml of water in the morning, since then I was free from constipation and other minor deases.