What Oatmeal Can Do
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What Oatmeal Can Do

Oatmeal can help you deal with several health problems

Oats and oatmeal (cut, rolled or milled oats), have been a part of human food for at least 3,000 years. The Romans looked down on those who ate it, which were the Hittites, the Germanic tribe that conquered Rome.

Oats were probably eaten accidentally to begin with as a weed growing in wheat or other grain crops for quite some time before coming into its own. Even today, only five percent of oats grown world wide are used for human food. The rest is mostly used to feed horses and poultry with some used in cosmetics and medicinally, mostly in alternative medicine.

With all the benefits of eating oats, we should be eating more than the horses and chickens. You've probably heard that eating oatmeal can lower your cholesterol, but this common, even lowly grain can do a lot more than that.

It contains more soluble fiber than other grains, which is why it works to lower your cholesterol. It slows the reabsorption of bile which makes your liver have to get the cholesterol it needs from your blood instead of bringing more in from the food you eat.

This water soluble fiber also keeps you full longer since once it's dissolved in the liquid in your system, it becomes a thick gel like fluid which moves slowly through the digestive tract.

Since it moves so slowly it slows the absorption of glucose and that means you won't get a sugar high and then a sugar low.

Because of these properties, oatmeal is useful in treating high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity.

Outside the body, oatmeal soothes itching and irritated skin by lowering localized inflammation. A warm bath with a cup of pulverized oatmeal added to the water will calm and nurture your skin. Eczema, sunburn, psoriasis, chickenpox and measles respond well to this treatment.

It's a gentle exfoliant for your face and body and helps even out complexions because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

It's warming and soothing in a foot bath to help care for chronically cold or tired feet.

Oatmeal neutralizes odors so a small bowl of it in the refrigerator will help keep it fresh.

If you have old oatmeal and don't want to eat it, use it to absorb oil and grease spots in the garage or driveway. Use it generously, let it set for an hour or so then clean it up.

Oats are usually overlooked as a source of good food and skin treatment. As an inexpensive product, oatmeal could be beneficially added to food and beauty treatments by anyone.


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Comments (6)

I am embarrassed and frustrated. Still can't give you any votes despite my contacting factoidz. Sorry Pat! Really informative article but I prefer grits. LOL. But I know oatmeal is highly nutritious.

Nice share and some really good information on the benefits of eating oatmeal as well as the external use. We buy and eat a lot of oatmeal in my family...I've also use oatmeal soap to cleanse my face and body and was very pleased with the results. Thanks for sharing. Voted up!

Beverly, eat your oats in other foods like bread and meatloaves. There are a lot of recipes using oats. Thanks, Donata!

I love oats. Thanks for the reminder from this well written article Pat.

I eat oats, it is really good for the heart. Thanks Maam Pat.


oatmeal should be the breakfast of champs, its the best food to eat in the morning.